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Environmental Impact Assesssment (EIA), Environmental and Social Impact Assesssment and Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) refers to the studies: To  determine the likely positive or negative impact of the projects to the environment; to study the possible environmental protection measures relating to these projects i20141112_114653n order to minimize negative effects; to assess selected technological alternatives and locations; and to monitor and controll the implementation of such projects,

In line with the Turkish Environment Legislation, Equator Principles and with the IFC-World Bank Guidelines the preparation of EIA, ESIA, Preliminary EIA, Project Introduction File, Environmental Management Plan (Measure and Monitoring Plan) are carried out in the Environmental Impact Assessment Department which is the oldest department of our company (since 1997). “COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE” is granted to our firm titled “Çınar Engineering Consulting Co., Inc.” by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in order to carry out aforementioned  activities.

Up to the present, totally 800 Environment Assessment Plans are prepared for 800 projects mainly including the power Plant Facilities having power generation potential of 30.000 MW (Thermal, Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Wind Powe20140814_112505r Plant, Geothermal Power Plant and etc.) and 3.000 km of power transmission lines as well as in the sectors of transportation, heavy industry, mass housing, agriculture, food processing, mining, metal, waste, chemistry, sea-shore facilities and etc. and the relevant EIA positive decisions are taken.

Projects are carried outby our company with a team that is composed of different disciplines including Environmental Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Geological Engineers, Civil Engineers, Hydro-geological Engineers, Biologists, Hydro-biologists, Landscape Architects, Chemists, Sociologists and etc. and in addition, academicians from the various  universities are also involved when their area of expertise is needed.

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