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Preparing The Feasibility And Modeling Report For Shore Facilities

ÇINAR is granted “AUTHORITY CERTIFICATE” within the content of the Code No. 3621 Regarding the Sea Shore Code to be taken as the bases for the criteria and opinion which shall be produced by the Administration concerning the certification of the public construction plans that are proposed by the Undersecretaries of Maritime in compliance with the “Circular about the Assessment of the Sea Shore Facilities Construction Requests”

Within the frame of the authority, the “Report for Harbor Feasibility and Modeling” is currently under preparation. In this content, the Port Feasibility Report, Navigating Bridge Simulator Supported Modeling Report, Sea Investigations and Modeling Report (Flow Model, Wave Transformation Model, Intra Harbor Turbulence Model, Harbor Sanding (Sediment Carrying) Model, Shore Structures Stability Model and etc.) are implemented.

The list of some facilities of which the Risk Assessment and Urgent Intervention Plans are made by ÇINAR is given below:

  • liman¬ Middle East Antalya Port Administration Co. Inc. A.Ş. ANTALYA,
  • ¬ Bandırma Fertilizer Factories Co., Inc. (BAGFAŞ) Bandırma/BALIKESİR,
  • ¬ Çakıroğlu Ordu Port Administrations Co., Inc. ORDU,
  • ¬ Çevresel Chemistry Ind. & Trading Co., Inc. Edincik Bandırma/BALIKESİR,
  • ¬ İDÇ Port Administrations Co., Inc. Aliağa/İZMİR,
  • ¬ Çakıroğlu Giresun Port Administrations Co., Inc. GİRESUN,
  • ¬ NERGİS Petroleum Mining & Industry Co., Ltd. Kazanlı/MERSİN,
  • ¬ Turkish State Railways – Bandırma Port Administration Bandırma/BALIKESİR,
  • ¬ Turkish State Railways – İskenderun Port Administration İskenderun/HATAY,
  • ¬ Turkish State Railways – Samsun Port Administration SAMSUN
  • ¬ Çakıroğlu Sinop Port Administration Co.,Inc.  SİNOP,

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