Master and Basin Planning

ÇINAR provides services to protect and develop the water basins and their natural resources. In this context “Evaluation Report Based on Basin of Çaltı Basin Hydro Electrical Power Plant Project” is completed.

Water Quality and Biological Survey Based on Basin

Balıkdamı Sulak Alanı - Eskişehir

ÇINAR provides survey services for the surface and underground water; which is based on Water Environment Directive (2000/60/EC). In this context ÇINAR has undertaken the water quality and biological survey of Sakarya and Gediz Basin on behalf of General Directorate of Water Management.

Water Resources Management Planning

ÇINAR performs projects in order to protect the national natural valuables. These studies include assessment of the surface and ground water, determination of the current issues and preparing  the protective legislations. In this context, ÇINAR successfully carried out “Salt Lake Special Environmental Area Water Resources Management Plan” project.

Water Rights Planning Report

ÇINAR prepares of water rights planning reports based on the “Hydro Electrical Power Plant Water Rights Disposition” which is determined by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.

Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Development



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